Instructions for the installation of the PySALT package are below. In order to install PySALT, several other packages have to be installed as well including python, PyRAF, and IRAF. Descriptions and links to each of those packages are included under dependencies. All of the dependent programs are available on the SALT ftp site. If you are downloading the package from outside South Africa, it is suggested that the dependencies be downloaded from their original source.


  • This package requires IRAF version 2.12.2 or later.

  • It also requires PyRAF version 1.7.1 or later.
    • tcl: Version 8.3.5 or higher
    • tk: v8.3.5 or higher
    • qt: Version 4.0 or later
    • python: v2.5.1 or higher
    • readline: v4.3
    • Pmw: v1.2
    • libf2c
  • Additional required python packages:

Installation of the PySALT package

	Installation of the PySALT external package V0.47

[0] This package requires IRAF version 2.12.2 or later, Pyraf version 1.7
    or later and the PyQt4 GUI toolkit.

[1] The package is distributed via the SALT web pages, see
    The README file contains these instructions.

[2] To install the package as root, create a directory to contain the
    PySALT external package files.  This directory should be outside
    the IRAF directory tree and must be owned by the IRAF account. In
    the following example, this root directory is named
    /iraf/extern/pysalt/ (UNIX and Linux). Make the appropriate file
    name substitutions for your site.

    [a] Log in as IRAF and edit the extern.pkg file in the hlib
    directory to define the package to the CL. From the IRAF account,
    outside the CL, you can move to this directory with the commands:

	% cd /iraf/iraf/unix/hlib/

    Define the environment variable salt to be the pathname to the salt
    root directory. UNIX pathnames must be terminated with a '/'.  
    Edit extern.pkg to include:

	reset pysalt     = /iraf/extern/pysalt/
	task  pysalt.pkg = pysalt$

    Near the end of the hlib$extern.pkg file, update the definition of helpdb
    so it includes the salt help database, copying the syntax already used
    in the string. Add this line before the line containing a closing quote:

   [b] Change directories to the PySALT root directory created above
   and unpack the download file pysalt.tar.gz

        % cd /iraf/extern/
        % tar zxvf <path>/pysalt.tar.gz 

    where <path> is the relative path from /iraf/extern/pysalt to the 
    downloaded file.

[4] To install the package under your home directory, unpack the 
    downloaded file pysalt.tar.gz.  Then add the following line to your
	reset pysalt   = "[your path]"
        task  pysalt.pkg   = "pysalt$"
        reset helpdb    = (envget("helpdb") // ",pysalt$lib/helpdb.mip")

[5] (Optional) build the HTML documentation.
    Make sure you have Sphinx installed and run.

        % cd /iraf/extern/pysalt/doc/
        % make html

    Then point your webbrowser to:


[6] Please use the SALT help desk for submitting questions:

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