Working with header keys.


Perhaps this module needs to be depricated. Most of it’s code seems to be dedicated to hiding nice error handling behind ugly status returns. Please convert all code that depens on it to use salterror and saltsafeio instead.


Clean up module to use proper error handling and remove unnecesary code.

saltkey.ccdbin(struct, file, logfile)

CCD binning keyword

saltkey.clean(struct, file, keyslot, keygain, logfile)

has file been cleaned?, bhdu, keyword, afile, bfile, logfile, verbose)

Verify keywords are the same between two different structures Compare a keyword between two headers and return a boolean

saltkey.copy(new, old, key, logfile)

copy keyword

saltkey.dateobs(struct, file, logfile)

observation date keyword

saltkey.exist(keyword, hdu, file, logfile)

does keyword exist

saltkey.found(keyword, hdu)

does keyword exist

saltkey.get(keyword, hdu, file, logfile)

get keyword value

saltkey.history(struct, message, file, logfile)

add history keyword

saltkey.housekeeping(hdu, keytask, keycomment, hist, file, logfile)

house cleaning keywords

saltkey.instrumid(struct, file, logfile)

identify instrument in keywords

saltkey.keypar(file, hdu, key, logfile)

read keyword woth keypar IRAF tool i.e. without opening the whole file

saltkey.match(keyword, value1, hdu, file, logfile)

does keyword match prediction

saltkey.mkheader(file, keyword, value, comment, verbose, logfile)

create keyword with mkheader IRAF tool i.e. without opening the whole file, value, comment, hdu, file, logfile)

add new keyword

saltkey.prepare(struct, file, keyprep, logfile)

has file been prepared?

saltkey.put(keyword, value, hdu, file, logfile)

change existing keyword value

saltkey.rem(keyword, hdu, file, logfile)

delete keyword

saltkey.timeobs(struct, file, logfile)

observation time keyword

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