Slotphot is a tool to do photometry on a serious of data obtained with
slotmode configuration of salticam. After reading in the arguments, the algorithm is the following:
  1. Open th fits file
  2. Subtact a smooth background
  3. Centroid the comparison star to acount for drift
  4. Photometry on Comparison and target star
  5. Write data
  6. Plot data [optional]
  7. Write fits [optional]

One of the basic assumptions of this program are that the target and comparison star are on the same amplifier


  • Fixed a number of small bugs
  • Updated the handling of multiple amplifiers so that the program can now handle having the newfits as as an input file
  • Corrected the background subtraction. Now a pixel is replaced with the median of its row if its two bright
  • Added option to allow row-by-row median subtraction
  • Added limits to the finddrift to limit it to within a set number of pixels
  • Gives the users on local background subraction and annullur definition
  • Added some comments
slotphot.slotphot(images, outfile, srcfile, newfits=None, phottype='square', subbacktype='median', sigback=3, mbin=7, sorder=3, niter=5, sigdet=5, contpix=10, ampperccd=2, ignorexp=6, driftlimit=10.0, finddrift=True, outtype='ascii', reltime=True, clobber=True, logfile='salt.log', verbose=True)

Perform photometry on listed SALT slotmode images.

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